Mass Distracted Driving Law

The Massachusetts’ ban on text messaging has been in full effect now for a while, but I thought I would post a quick summary of the law for your reading pleasure.

The law prohibits all drivers from texting while behind the wheel and bans use of all cell phones by drivers who are 16 and 17 years old. The young drivers are barred from using a variety of devices (TVs, video, PCs) under the heading “mobile electronic devices.”

The fines for adults are $100 (first offense), then $250 and $500.

Fines for drivers under 18 are $100 plus 60-day license suspension and youth traffic school (first offense), then $250 with six-month suspension and then $500 with a one-year suspension.

If you do get a ticket the good news is that it will not affect your insurance premiums as they are not considered moving violations. However, enforcement is “primary,” meaning police can stop and cite texting motorists for that reason alone. So be safe and DON’T text!

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