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Osterville office has no power

As of right now our Goodspeed office in Osterville has no power. Our staff is still there to assist you if you have a claim. Pembroke and Plymouth offices are open and have power.  

I hope everyone of you, your family and friends are safe. If you did suffer a loss due to Hurricane Sandy we are here to help you.


Office Hours due to Hurricane Sandy

Our Plymouth and Osterville offices will be closing today at 12:00 pm to allow our employees to get home safely. Our Pembroke office will remaim open until further notice will a smaller staff. If you suffer a loss you can call your insurance company direct (click here for direct claim numbers) or hopefully we will be able to open tomorrow morning during our typical office hours to assist you.

Be safe and take care.


Food Spoilage & Tree Removal FAQ’s

Two of the most common insurance questions and claims are food spoilage and tree removal. I will try to give you a quick overview of these common claims. Please remember this is a broad explanation, but always read your policy or call your agent for coverage questions.

If a tree falls in my yard but does not damage my home or property, will my insurance company pay to remove it?
Generally, the tree must cause damage to your home before your insurance company will pay to remove it. There are endorsements available to add this coverage.

If my neighbor’s tree falls on my home, will his insurance company pay for the damage?
Unless negligence can be proven, your neighbor’s policy covers his home and your policy covers your home.  Generally, if the tree is damaged due to a storm, the owner would not be considered negligent.

My tree is hanging over my house. It hasn’t fallen, but it is posing a danger to the property and my family. Will the company pay for the cost to remove it?
Most policies do not provide coverage for removing trees that may fall on the property.

A tree is on my roof. Will my insurance company pay to have the roof tarped?
Insurer’s expect homeowner’s to make any necessary repairs to protect their property from further damage and will pay the reasonable costs associated with proptecting the property. Placing tarps on the roof is a way of protecting your property from further damage.

There was no damage to my home, but $400 worth of food was lost because of the power outage. Can I file a claim for the loss?
Unless you have a special endorsement, generally there is no coverage if the power outage occurred off your premises. If it did occur on your property then you may have coverage subject to your deductible.

What is the benefit of a food spoilage endorsement?
Typically you will have a $50, $100 or even no deductible option and it will provide food spoilage coverage whether the power outage occurred on or off your premises.

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is fast approaching the East Coast and while its path appears to hitting the New Jersey shore the effects will still impact New England this Monday, the 29th of October. While we all are keeping our fingers crossed that it will weaken and just go away, there are steps you should take now to be prepared.  Here are a few resources we’ve put together to help you with some timely information and tips, should you experience a loss.   Click any of the following three links to download and view the respective PDF format document:

Direct Claim Phone Numbers

Hurricane Preparation Tips

Restoration Companies




Haunted helpings from Hannon-Ryan

Who thinks about insurance on Halloween? Well, me of course. If you’re thinking of insurance then you either have a problem or you need to come see me about a job. I was a kid once a very long time ago and I was a punk just like all my friends. As a teenager Halloween meant free candy and a free pass to wreak havoc. As a reformed punk here are some tips to keep your trick-or-treaters and home safe:

  • Turn on all outside lights and leave them on all night to deter those pesky vandals.
  • Repair walkways, railings and steps to your home.
  • Move cars, bikes and planters to the garage.
  • Pet owners – watch your dog. I have a bulldog who loves people, but she can get freaked out by the costumes. Keep your dog in another room. Some kids have allergies or are afraid of dogs.
  • Drivers – Slow down. It will be dark and children will be excited and running all over the place.

And lastly, PLEASE don’t leave your entire supply of candy in one giant bowl with a note saying “Only take one please” because that’s just too much temptation for any kid!

Have a fun week!