Haunted helpings from Hannon-Ryan

Who thinks about insurance on Halloween? Well, me of course. If you’re thinking of insurance then you either have a problem or you need to come see me about a job. I was a kid once a very long time ago and I was a punk just like all my friends. As a teenager Halloween meant free candy and a free pass to wreak havoc. As a reformed punk here are some tips to keep your trick-or-treaters and home safe:

  • Turn on all outside lights and leave them on all night to deter those pesky vandals.
  • Repair walkways, railings and steps to your home.
  • Move cars, bikes and planters to the garage.
  • Pet owners – watch your dog. I have a bulldog who loves people, but she can get freaked out by the costumes. Keep your dog in another room. Some kids have allergies or are afraid of dogs.
  • Drivers – Slow down. It will be dark and children will be excited and running all over the place.

And lastly, PLEASE don’t leave your entire supply of candy in one giant bowl with a note saying “Only take one please” because that’s just too much temptation for any kid!

Have a fun week!


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