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Here we go again…Snow Closings

It’s only January 21st and I’m already done with winter! Don’t get me wrong, it’s gorgeous for the first 14 minutes, but I’m ready for pitchers and catchers to report.

Ok,  back to business. We are planning on openning all 3 of our offices on Wednesday January 22nd at 12:00 pm due to the impending snowstorm. If the weather is not as bad as predicted we will open earlier, if it’s worse we may have remain closed for the day. Please check our website or Facebook for updates (assuming I still have power).

Be careful out there please. And also please check on any elderly neighbors or relatives. Don’t assume they’re fine. They will be thankful for you caring about them and if they’re mad just blame your pesky insurance agent.


Offices closing due to storm

Due to the snowstorm our offices will be closing Thursday January 2nd at 2pm. We have decided to remain closed for Friday January 3rd,  as the roads are still not very safe for travel.

While we do make every effort to be here for our customer during these situations we also have to take into consideration the safety of our employees. If you happen to have an auto accident or suffer any damage from this storm you can call your insurance company directly to report the damage.

Direct Claim Numbers

Happy New Year and please be safe!