Accident Forgiveness is worth it!

Mapfre-Commerce recently dropped the cost of adding Accident Forgiveness coverage to your policy to 5% of your premium. Hopefully you’re asking yourself “What is Accident Forgiveness Steve, and why is it important to me?” and not “when will you correctly learn where to place a comma?!”.

I had an accident about 7 years ago. I hit a neighbor’s rock (don’t ask!) and caused $2,200 worth of damage to my car. Yes, I said $2,200! Ugh anyway, my insurance went up $468 that first year as a result of my accident. And I had to live with that surcharge for 6 years (although it did go down each year).

The answer to that problem, Accident Forgiveness. For 5% of your policy premium Mapfre-Commerce will waive the premium surcharge if you have an at-fault accident. There are several other items to discuss with this coverage, but that’s what we are here for so call our office today to add this great coverage.

If you want find out more follow this link to Mapfre-Commerce.

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The above is meant as general information and as general policy descriptions to help you understand the different types of coverages available to you. Always consult your policy for actual coverages and exclusions.

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