A passion for Trees

Matt Mitko - Expert Tree Removal & PruningAfter talking with Matt Mitko for more than 5 minutes you will get a very good sense of his passion for trees. I have met hundreds of business owners over the years and none have come close to showing the passion he has for what he does.

Matt is an expert tree climber. He is the one the large tree removal companies go to for the difficult jobs. He is the person to prune your trees so they grow elegant and strong, the person to trim a dangerous limb close to your home and the person to do an assessment of your trees to see which are unhealthy and in need of removal.

So if you live on the South Shore or Cape Cod and had some trees damaged in yesterday’s storm or need to clear a sunny view to your pool for the summer give Matt Mitko a call. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll get an appreciation for someone passionate about what he does.



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